8 personality traits of a successful real estate agent


1. Empathy

Many vendors are in a sensitive position when selling a property, perhaps due divorce, debt or death. The ability to truly empathise with vendors in these situations is important in order for clients to feel respected and validated.  Empathy is a key factor in being able to create a longstanding relationship with clients.

2. Creativity

Creativity is arguably an underrated quality in the real estate industry. This trait sets innovative agents apart from the rest, paving the way for a successful career. Be vocal with your creative side, involve your Vendors in your ideas for their property. Real estate is constantly changing and evolving, creativity with your marketing, proposals and approach will help you stay in the game and up to date.

3. Passion

A career in real estate requires long hours, constant networking and marketing yourself as brand. Without passion you will struggle to find purpose within the industry and fizzle out quickly.

4. Discipline

Being disciplined and organised is crucial for pleasing clients and remaining in control of your workload. Taking the time to implement processes and databases upfront will save valuable hours, working smarter will assist in the long run.

5. Persistence

The first couple of years in the real estate industry can be particularly taxing, establishing your brand can take time, effort and money. Those who put in the extra work and take on even the smallest jobs in those early years will soon become sought-after by clients and rival agencies alike.

6. Confidence

Confidence (not to be confused with arrogance) is an important quality for attracting business as an agent. Agents are likely to meet dozens of people a day, requiring the ability to converse comfortably and openly from those of all walks of life.

7. Sustainability

The ability to sustain both a social, personal and work life as an agent can be challenging, but failing to do so will often lead to dissatisfaction and burnout. Maintaining that balance should be a priority.

8. Flexibility

The real estate industry is always changing, requiring regular research around changes to the market. Be open minded and embrace the change to stay relevant.

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8 personality traits of a successful real estate agent